Rachelle Coba


  “Now I know many of you may not have had the pleasure of hearing this smoking guitar powerhouse and singer…” “But I have to tell you this, you WILL be hearing more of this amazing artist. Her performance at the Blues Blast Awards was stunning! Once she started her set, a hushed silence fell over the entire crowd. It was one of the highlights of all of the performances at the awards show.” – Bob Kieser, publisher Blues Blast Magazine

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“She plays the hell out of the guitar”

Matt “Guitar” Murphy


Rachelle at the Blues Blast Awards“Whether playing solo or with the backing of a full band this woman has the ability to capture an audience and hold them spellbound throughout her performance. Coba is a world-class talent, playing with a style and finesse rarely heard anymore. The phrase “Slowhand” comes to mind as her guitar style at times reflects that same sophistication and elegance as that of Clapton or B.B. King. Her style has a timeless quality that, quite frankly, will never get old. This multi-talented artist can hold her own with the best of them whether as a guitarist, songwriter or vocalist. Rachelle Coba is the real deal and someone I feel confident recommending without reservation. – Bill Wilson” – Bill Wilson, Reflections in Blue (Apr 02, 2014)

“Rachelle wrings all kinds of emotion out of her Strat with those talented fingers, and has a sweet-and-sassy voice that we immediately fell in love with! She sings in the opener that she’s “Never Been To Memphis,” but you’d never know it from listening to the next cut, “Ain’t Got Time.” Her guitar leads recall the soulful strut of the legendary Stax Studio, and the backing vocal chorus adds to the authenticity.”- Sheryl and Don Crow, Don and Sheryls Blues Blog (Mar 29, 2014)